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Usually, smart people have to decide whether they’re going to help cure disease, make sure grandparent’s retirement funds are protected from bad risks, or design better rockets to take humanity further. At Cycle, our software helps clients do all of these! We’re a rapidly growing software company with a long list of Fortune 500 clients, and a lot going on. We’re looking for problem solvers, leaders, and over-achievers to join our team.

We’re seeking top talented engineers, business development, and business professionals as we continue our growth path. Please see below for some of our current listings. Or you can also complete the Enquiry form on the right column of this page for more information about joining Cycle Computing.

Job Title Geography
Operations Support Engineers NA/APAC/EU
Pre Sales Engineer San Francisco
Post Sales Engineer San Francisco
Pre Sales Engineer SoCal
Post Sales Engineer SoCal
Pre Sales Engineer Boston
Post Sales Engineer Boston
Pre Sales Engineer Maryland/Washington DC
Post Sales Engineer Maryland/Washington DC
Pre Sales Engineer Houston/Austin
Post Sales Engineer Houston/Austin


Operations Support Engineers

Who we’re looking for:

Strong problem solving and analytical skills are a key attributes of anyone in this role. You are someone that enjoys meeting new people, understanding the technical challenges holding them back, and working with a world-class development team to remove those barriers. Inefficiencies in large-scale systems and under utilization get your attention. You want to push the envelope with cutting edge technology, and massive-scale parallelization is stuff your dreams are made of. You have top-notch communication skills, both written and verbal. You can hold your own in front of a crowd. You speak Python, and don’t mind a little conversation in Ruby from time to time. A love of travel is a plus.

Prior experience with cloud-based systems is helpful. Knowledge of any modern HPC job distribution like Condor, GridEngine or LSF is also nice. Any experience in the fields of genomics, genetic algorithms, financial modelling and computational fluid dynamics would be great, but aren’t required.

What you’d have done, if you were here last month:

• Provided first-level customer support, during business hours, triaging resources and helping customers through their problems

• Worked with a Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company to develop a suite of scripts to optimize the execution of their scientific application in the cloud and in their internal HPC environment

• Worked with a Fortune 100 financial company to configure their internal networking environment correctly ahead of the launch of a new project to utilize the cloud

• Managed the on-call schedule for the engineering team with adjustments for holiday vacations, customer project kick-offs, and other factors so critical support coverage was maintained

• Attended conferences, such as Supercomputing 2013, AWS Re:Invent, and ChefConf to demonstrate our software and connect with our customers

• Managed regular one-on-one interactions with our key customers to ensure that our software and services were meeting their needs

• Provided on-site and virtual training sessions for new customers


The Future of this Position:

• Build world-class training course material and curriculum for our suite of products

• Basic event planning/management/support for conferences.

• Manage the development of a web-based, self-directed training system for our products

• Deploy a customer support portal that provides a first-class support experience for new and existing customers

• Visit customers to provide on-site training and embedded technical support

• Work with solution architects to evaluate the work required for new customers and to get their environment ready for project kick-offs


Sound Like a Job For You? Email us now and include “SPE” (no quotes) somewhere in the subject.



Pre & Post Sales Engineers

Who we’re looking for:

You love going home knowing that you’ve made the impossible possible for engineers, scientists, quants, and mathematicians trying to accomplish great things. You thrive on meeting new people, diving into the technical challenges holding them back, and working with our developers to remove those barriers. It bothers you when you see scientists, financial professionals, and others stymied by solvable problems, and you want to be the one to help them solve them. You want to push the envelope with cutting edge technology. You have top notch communication skills, and can hold your own in front of a crowd. You speak Ruby and/or Python, and don’t mind learning how to converse in something new when appropriate. A love of travel is a plus.

Prior experience with cloud-based systems is helpful, as is knowledge of any modern HPC/HTC job scheduler, such as Condor, GridEngine or LSF. Experience in the fields of genomics, genetic algorithms, financial modeling and computational fluid dynamics is highly desirable but not required.

What you’d have done, if you were here last month (includes both pre & post activities):

• Worked with a leading simulation company to rescue an overdue project, architecting and implementing to turn it around into a super-successful cloud deployment.

•   Worked with our development teams to add new features to our core products to enable executing a cutting-edge MPI application in the cloud.

  • Delved into the projects details for a customer’s application on-boarding, and created the associated project plan and/or statement of work.
  • Attended conferences, such as Supercomputing 2013 or AWS Re:Invent, demonstrating the latest and greatest software releases.
  • Traveled to a customer’s office to coordinate with their team and perform some work on-site.
  • Provided technical/project support to your customers when necessary.
  • Checked in with your customers, to ensure their continued happiness and success.


The Future of these Positions (includes both pre & post activities):

  • Work with new customers in a variety of different industries including Life Sciences, Finance and Insurance, “Big Data”, and other industries.
  • Create prototype, proof-of-concept versions of new products.
  • Learn to use a new technology, such as MapReduce/Hadoop, NoSQL datastores, or a language like Erlang, to help solve a new customer problem.
  • Travel on-site to customers to understand their environments, meet their teams, and begin scoping the problems and their solutions.
  • Visit customers to help plan making seemingly impossible computation trivially easy using your skills and our software!


Locations available:

San Francisco

New York City



Washington, DC

Sound Like a Job For You?

If you are inspired, you’d love this work every day, and you want to learn, *A LOT*, about making great solutions for customers, and about being the best you can be, then we definitely want to hear from you. We need to hear from you!

Email us now and include “SA” (no quotes) somewhere in the subject. Please also include whether you are applying for a “pre” or “post” sales engineering position.


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